Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Fantabulous Visit!

Papa and Grandma ( mom and dad) came for a visit a couple weeks ago, and we had a wonderful time! We mostly had Grandma for the week, as my dad was attending the Shephard's Conference, and Linnea grew quite fond of her "Baba". I think it only helped that Grandma insisted on sleeping with Linnea in her room. I still feel bad, as Linnea tends to sleep talk and babble in the morning, but hopefully it was somewhat enjoyable :).

Grandma spoiled us and took us shopping one too many times! :) Linnea still loves her Hot Wheels "Fishie" Cars that she got, seeing as Linnea loves fish. It is always such a special blessing to have family come visit and 24/7 fellowship with my mom all day long. Did I mention there were never any dishes for me to do the whole week. I got so used to walking into a miraculously clean kitchen every day, that I wasn't sure how to handle "clean-up" after meals once she had left. Thanks mom for serving me! I felt like I was on vacation for a week...not quite sure that is how it is supposed to go! Your selfless heart GREATLY blessed me! :) Here are some pics from the week.

Dad took us all out to celebrate Kimiko's b-day. Thanks Dad!
Linnea LOVES putting on different shoes (usually on the wrong feet) all day long.

Linnea is enjoying her new sunglasses, which were a gift to Hannah from their cousins, but Hannah already has the same thanks Grace and Faith! :)
They got Papa to play dollies with them!
Fun in the bath!
The girls very much enjoyed storytime with Grandma!

One of the highlights of the week was taking a hike on Kimiko's birthday. It has rained a lot here, so it was actually green!... Well some spots anyway. :)

(note: all of the beautiful hiking photos are from Kimiko's nice camera. Thanks Kimiko!)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I think Linnea will be a very good big sister...we'll just have to get her a stroller, so our new little "peanut" won't have to lay like this on her bicycle...