Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wedding Pictures!

Here are the wedding pictures! Exactly one month late to the day, so Happy 1 Month Anniversary Paul and Sarah! :) The wedding was such a special time, and I'm so thankful for the pictures to help us remember! Thank you Kimiko, for all of these ones!

Best Buds....

Loving playing with Grandma 


 The wedding site was beautiful!

"Linnea, being a flower girl is serious stuff. Don't worry, I will show you how to do it...I learned from YouTube."
 Grammy and Grandpa with ALL of their Great Grandchildren....SO special!

 I don't know if you can quite tell in this pic, but I lost it as soon as I saw my big brother up there, about the get married. I was SO overjoyed!!

 The most adorable flower girls....ever. Who btw forgot to drop any flower petals. (Apparently Hannah's YouTube videos left that part out! ;) They were on a mission to get to the front!

 My most precious girlfriend....my sister. I think I will wear heals around her more often. ;)

 High fives with cousin Samuel

 Natalie preferred chewing on the kazoo over blowing into it to send Paul and Sarah off.

 All the Parker cousins...

 Had to post a picture of the most beautiful woman I know in my life (inside and out!) escorted by my handsome brother!

 God is SO good....Praise the Lord for His beautiful gift of marriage to Paul and Sarah. May they forever remember what it represents...