Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friendship in Family

Thank you, Kimiko, for your precious post on your blog, and all the priceless pictures. I couldn't help but repost it on my blog. We miss you all so much already, and are so thankful for the friendship we had (and still do!). We had a good cry last night, realizing what we left behind. But we look forward to what lies ahead, and are praying the Lord supplies some new sweet relationships. No to mention our prayer that the Lord brings you out here. Even if we have to wait a coupe of years. ;)

"Goodbeyes" Kimiko Parker

Sunday night was a night I was dreading. It was the night we were saying goodbye to Aaron, Kim, Linnea, and Natalie before they left for Kansas. I was hoping that somehow we could just skip that part, because I knew it wouldn't be easy. We'd gotten so used to having them so close and being able to walk to their house and visit them anytime we wanted. Our girls are best friends and get so excited every time they see one another. We've swapped a lot of babysitting nights. We became more than just family; we became friends.

While Sunday night was the hardest time of this transition, there have been little things and realizations here and there that have been hard, too. For example, the other morning I realized that I wouldn't ever hear an unexpected knock on the door and open it to find the Johnsons standing there, stopping by on a walk. It's also hard, because Hannah's been very sadly and pitifully saying, "I want Linnea" lately. It's hard explaining the concept of time and distance to a 3-year-old. All this to say, we are so thankful for the years we were all together and we're looking forward to continuing our friendship long distance. We are so excited for what the Lord is doing in and through the Johnson family and couldn't be more thrilled for where they are!

The week leading up to their move, we spent a lot of time with the girls while Aaron and Kim packed, painted, and prepped, so I took advantage of what time we had left and took a lot of pictures of the girls! I figured these would be pictures that not only we, but also Hannah and Linnea, would cherish. Below are a few of the pictures I took. You can see more of them here. Just beware! The link will take you to an album with 81 of these photos!

I framed this one, so Hannah could have it in her room. :)

In a bout of nostalgia, I compiled these pictures showing how Hannah and Linnea's friendship has developed over the past 2 1/2 years. It's so fun to look at how much they've changed and how they've grown into such great companions.

Hannah checking out her new cousin. She's apparently not quite sure what to think.

The first time we babysat Linnea! I love how excited Hannah is!!

Haha...this one cracks me up. This was Easter 2010.

Going in for a smooch. :)

Hannah thoroughly enjoys the role of older cousin. :)

Love the kisses!

The cutest little puppy and giraffe ever!

Hannah loves helping out her little cousin.

Helping Linnea with her buttons.

Best friends.

Sometimes Hannah shows a little too much love for Linnea's preferences. :)

Again, too much love, Hannah.

Anytime we're anywhere, walking together, they hold hands.

Stopping to chat.

Hannah makes Linnea laugh a lot!

Laughing together.
So Aaron, Kimberly, Linnea, and Natalie, we all love and miss you SO much and we are so thankful that we'll get to see you a couple times this year, Lord-willing!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We Made It!

We have officially made it to Kansas, and it is not just a visit this time. :) It has been a whirlwind of a week, and we arrived a little battered, bruised and worn, but we were able to get our first good night's sleep in a long time...praise the Lord! We are so thankful for His sustaining grace this past week!

Let me first say thank you to all those who showered us with love, help and support before we left. We couldn't have done it all without you, and we are so very thankful for the body of Christ! You all were an example to me of the kind of servant I want and need to be!

Well, we are so excited to be here and the welcoming was overwhelming! According to MRBC, we have officially been "pounded". If I had any more tears left, I would have cried...the love and generosity we received in our tree of gift cards and massive pile of goods in our new home was overwhelming! Did I already use that word? :) we are eager to get to know all the people behind these gifts, and are looking forward to serving them as they have served us!

If Aaron and I have learned anything through this whole process, it is that the Lord will always take care of our needs, and often goes above and beyond what we could ever imagine. I know the path the Lord takes His children on looks different for everyone. For some it is a much harder path than others, but I am certain that our God is ALWAYS a good God! Even if His good doesn't look like our good.

Here are some pictures from yesterday. More updates and pics to come as we begin our new journey here in Kansas City! Thank you so much to all who have been praying and loving on us!