Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Birthday Pictures!

I feel like my slogan is often "better late than never." But at least it is true! :) Here are some pictures capturing the fun memories from the girls' special birthday party!

Lily, Linnea and Adeline

Pizza! One of Natalie's favorites.

"That was yummy!"

Bubble time!

"Wow!"...Linnea thinks bubbles are cool! :)

Sporting the Dora sunglasses Daddy picked out.

Yes...Dora's face is a little scary. :P

Candy!...We had to rip Dora's head off. Not even Daddy could hit it hard enough to get the candy out.

We miss Aunt Kimiko's terrific cakes, but I think I am slowly learning.

The kids are all wet because we got a really neat gift for the girls' birthday. RAIN!! A 48 hour rain began towards the end of their party, and the kids all ran in it and had a blast! It was the first real rain we had had in like 2 months!

We are thankful for the many friends Linnea is blessed with here! She talks often of her friends and loved ones that are "too far away" (she says that a lot!) to go visit regularly, but God has brought her many special friends here, as well! And we are thankful for the friendships of their mommies and daddies, too! :)