Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some fun videos...

These videos are about one month old (maybe a little more for the first one). I was planning on posting them as well as a few other things while we were on vacation, but I wasn't on the computer much due to some unforeseen circumstances. More on our vacation to the east coast later! :) For now, enjoy Linnea, who has grown up so much more even since these videos!

Technically, I think these stickers are from Grammy AND Grampy... so sorry Grampy for leaving you out! :(

This is often Linnea's interaction with Hannah these days, and it is quite adorable! I wish I could have captured more how Hannah likes to be Linnea's little mommy, but you can sort of hear it in her tone of voice!

And last but not least, Linnea's harmonica jam session with Daddy!