Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thank You Grandma!

Well....Grandma has gone :( and the house feels quite empty. Linnea really misses her, too. Especially when I was giving Aaron a haircut and Linnea cried for her half the time! Yes....we miss you grandma!

But I sincerely want to say thank you for all you wonderful help, and not to mention wonderful mother/daughter time (and I suppose son-in-law time, too :)). It was SO fun just having you here to talk to and be with, and then to share with us the moment our daughter came into the world and her first few days of life. The house looks immaculate thanks to your hard work, and the dishes are piling up faster now that you are gone. And we now have keys to our closet dooe thanks to you! :P Thanks for all the fun laughs and for letting me win Ticket to Ride a few times :). Thanks for holding Linnea when she was especially fussy. Thanks for being such a wonderful grandma to our little one.

Mom, you truly are a living example of a godly mother and have raised me to love the Lord, so that I would one day want to raise my daughter in the same manner. I praise God for you in so many ways! I would be overjoyed to be able to follow in your footsteps by the grace of God. I love you mom!

...Linnea pooped really loud during our photo was really funny :) (look at her face)

I think she is smiling....precious

snuggle time with Grandma

We miss you mom...and can't wait to see you and everyone else in a couple of months. We love you!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Linnea's First Night Home

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome to the World Linnea Joy!!!

Wow.....where do I begin?? Well, I suppose from the beginning. And I hope you don't mind all the pics ;) ....I figure the more the better for family and friends who can't be here to experience it in person. Now, I am VERY serious when I say don't read this if you are not one for labor details...I couldn't resist, and don't have a clue how to condense a story. I suppose I could just not write about the whole labor, but it was all so crazy and exciting to me, I just can't help myself.

I woke up at about 3:15am on Tuesday, August 18th and most definitely did not return to sleep. I think I had a few contractions that were 4-5 minutes apart, but after that, they were even closer together. Anyways.... :) .... In less than an hour I realized the contractions were really close together (probably 3 minutes), but didn't waste my time coutning knowing that we needed to get to the hospital. I took a shower and woke my hubby up at 5:15. My mom and him got everything packed up and into the car, and we were on our way by 5:45.

I decided to time my contractions with my cell phone during the 30 min. car ride (well....more like 20-25 min....let's just say Aaron wasn't exactly driving slow). They were 2-3 minutes apart. Now, as a side note...we were in a hurry because they wanted me at the hospital in the beginning of labor in order to get two doses of a drug in me. I have GBS I think it's called, which is vaginal beta strep (sorry to be detailed...I hope it doesn't gross you out). Each dose can only be given 4 hrs. apart. GBS doesn't affect me at all, but there was a slight chance of infection to the baby, which could have dangereous ramifications.....SO, all that to say, we tried to hurry.

By the time I got a room, my contractions were no more than 2 minutes apart and many times less. My initial thinking was there is NO WAY I can do this for many more hours, and since I assumed labor lasted a long time, I thought I had many more hours to go, and just happened to have my contractions really close together. At about 8:00am (I think) I started to have 2-3 contractions on top of one another and then a rest. I laugh at how I groaned I think through every contraction. I remember telling my husband that "relaxing is a joke, becuase it is impossible". My body was being taking over by extreme pain that made me shake and throw up. I was thinking "this is crazy! I thought this wasn't supposed to happen until transition (right before the pushing stage) and there is no way I am at that point yet!" Boy was I wrong!

Because I thought I had hours to go I told my husband that I couldn't do this anymore. He said "yes you can, honey, one contraction at a time." I didn't say anything in response, but I "knew" I wouldn't be able to go much longer without an epidural. The last thing I remember before asking the nurse to check me is having four contractions in a row without a rest period and pushing periodically during those contractions. The nurse checked me and said my bag of waters was "right there" meaning I was ten cm. dialated and I think fully efaced, but my water hadn't broken.

The next few minutes were the most unbearable waiting for the doctor to get there to break my water. He finally arrived, and didn't have time to put his blue scrubs on before breaking my water. This part is somewhat humorous. He rolled up his collared shirt as much as he could and broke my water, which went everywhere! Then he stepped aside to actually put his scrubs on, which felt like an eternity of time since all I wanted to do was push and all the nurses kept telling me not to. I won't go into detail, but I pushed like 6-8 times and she was born at 9:37!!!!
She is/was 6 lbs. 5 1/2 oz. and 20 3/4 in. long. Tiny but long! I only got one dose of the drug in me, so they had to take her blood the next day to test her for infection from the GBS, but she is perfectly healthy, so that is a praise!

That is a total labor of 6 hrs. and about 15 minutes. This is the part where you are not supposed to get jealous but rejoice with me ;). God is SO good and gracious!!! I just never expected it to be like that (nor that painful). Yes, I thought I was going to die, but then there was an end to it and the Lord definitely carried me through (with the amazing help of my husband and his sidekick, my mom). And the Lord's grace and MANY blessings have only continued!

I am amazed at the miracle of a child and have literally enjoyed EVERY minute of being a mommy and seeing my husband be a daddy. Linnea is SO precious, even when she cries. God has been so gracious in giving us a daughter who is absolutely beautiful :), nurses well, is healthy, and has pretty much already adapted to night and day. My mom has been a wonderful help and Aaron's mom is coming next Thurs! My heart is overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness to the Lord for abundantly blessing us.

Thank you all for your prayers and excitement with us! Enjoy the pictures of sweet Linnea Joy!

One minute old

A very happy grandma and mommy!

Daddy trying to give you a size perspective and touching his precious daughter's head.

Daddy bonding with Linnea.

Our new family of three (sorry Linnea is a little blurry)
Resting after her first bath.
Hannah meets her baby cousing for the first time!
Grandma's lovin on her!

I could kiss her all day!
All ready to go home :) (Thanks sis for the adorable outfit!)
VERY excited to be going home from our long three day stay at the hospital.
Readu for her first car ride!
Yes, she makes funny faces quite often that I think are just adorable
Welcome home Linnea!
She has really long fingers and toes!


So tiny....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Any Day Now!

It's the truth....we are patiently waiting for Linnea to come at any time! Well....trying to be patient :). It's not easy because I've been having lots of contractions, just nothing that has turned into labor. I keep telling myself that God is in control of the perfect time for her to come, so I have no need to worry, be anxious, or try to coerce it to happen. Although, at times I am tempted to do all those things!

Aaron just snapped this picture today!

My mom has just arrived :) which is very exciting!! And she insisted that I put pictures on the blog of the baby's room! I finished the canopy a couple a little over a week ago, and my handy dandy husband figured out how to mount it to the wall. I finally took pictures of it at 1:00am this morning (I were probably sleeping :)). I took another one today in the daylight, which looks much better!

God has been very good in sustaining me! Some days are harder than others, but God's grace is always sufficient and I get through each day!!

We just had our hospital tour on Sunday, which was fun and quite encouraging, but afterward I got a tiny little taste of what it will be like when we are in the hospital. We ended up sticking around for a couple hours. I wasn't sure if my water had broken (well...I didn't think it had, but didn't want to be wondering), so we talked to our friend who was a labor and delivery nurse, and she said we needed to get it checked out. We didn't expect to have to stay for so long if my water hadn't broken (which it hadn't). The worst part were the two straps they stuck around my belly. They are very uncomfortable!! So I am now able to mentally prepare for that! It was also really hot in the room we were in, so we now know to pack a fan! So that's a blessing.

Aaron and I just got together a pile of things we will be taking to the hospital, so we feel quite ready, and are just waiting to go into labor! It's soo exciting knowing that we are going to get to meet and see the beautiful face of the little girl God has been knitting inside my womb for the past 9 months! Wow! I can't believe it has been that long! We'll keep you posted!