Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baby Johnson #2

I would like to start out by saying that I am not a very big fan of belly shots...for some reason they just never turn out to be all that attractive (I am speaking of my own belly shots, of course!), but because I love my family and friends who have requested to see what I look like pregnant, I am willing to post these "lovely" photos.

This first photo was taken back at 17 weeks. I was just a "wee bit" smaller then...
And this photo was taken on Friday, at 24 weeks. As you can see, the baby and my belly have at least doubled in size, and my shirt is quite a bit shorter. :P I honestly have this inkling that I am going to be and feel HUGE by the end, but I know that it will be completely worth it!

And for those of you who do not yet know......

......Linnea is going to have a......

(in case you couldn't tell by the pink bow :))
Can you believe the ultrasound picture! What a special treat! I have to admit that I was kind of bummed that my insurance for some reason would no longer pay for my doctor to do my ultrasounds, but required that I get them done somewhere else. Well, the Lord decided to surprise me with this being a blessing, as their equipment was much more advanced, and they were able to get this beautiful 3D picture of her face....I see a Johnson nose :)

So...there you have it. It's getting late, which means bed for me, but I just want to say that overall I can genuinely say I am thankful for this pregnancy. The Lord is in a very real way teaching me complete dependance upon Him, as it hasn't been physically easy or enjoyable, but for that, I am thankful. As headaches come often throughout my week, I find myself praying more and focusing on the gospel more, especially as I am also reading Because He Loves Me, by Elise Fitzpatrick, which has so far been a phenomenal book! It is all about applying the gospel to daily life...and I mean daily, practical life. I can truly sit here and write that God is SO good (and mean it too! :)) I am truly experiencing his very real grace in my life, and I am so grateful for all the many blessings through the hardships.

Well, I could write much more, but I need to sign out. And I can't leave without saying Happy Easter! I hope you all have had a wonderful, joyful day celebrating our risen Lord, and marveling in all that He has done for us in His sacrifice on the cross and victory over death!


Here is just a glimpse into the life of Linnea. She loves to wear hats, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and shoes. Yesterday, it was her snow hat, and she decided that her baby needed her hat on too!

Really...I wish there was a way to catch everything on video. She does the cutest things! I hope to get one of her reading a is quite adorable!

Stay tuned for some baby #2 pictures and a couple more videos! :)