Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know, I know....It's Christmas Eve and here I am posting about Thanksgiving?? :) Well...I thought I would catch up before I have 3 holidays worth of pictures to put up!

We had an absolutely wonderful time hosting our first Thanksgiving. Yup! It was my first time doing all the shopping, menu planning, and much of the cooking for Thanksgiving, and I have to say it was a fantastic first experience. The Johnson clan drove out here from Arizona, and we were so excited they wanted to come all the way out here to be with us! We had a blast, made new memories, and had many sweet conversations.

Linnea warmed right up to them, too, which was such a blessing. She had a blast with so many new "playmates", and Grammy brought her a really neat, wooden tricycle that she found at a thrift store. Linnea loved it, and even a month later, she still loves it! :)

Thanksgiving Day was actually quite realxed....we spent the morning cooking, drinking coffe and chatting outside, throwing a football around at the part, eating a yummy, big lunch/dinner, sharing what we were thankful to our great God for, stuffing our face with pie, and recovering from eating too much food. :)Fun at the park!
Dinner Table

......more mmmmmmmmmmm......
Lots of turkey!

It was an incredibly special time, and we are so thankful for our family!!!

The day after Thanksgiving, we went on a chilly hike, and Linnea enjoyed riding in on Grampy's back (Aaron threw out his back earlier that week, and was still recovering). We just kept feeding her cheerios, and she was good to go! :)

The rest of the weekend was more of the same...hanging out and have a wonderful time just being together! Thank you Johnsons, for coming to visit! Can't wait to see you again soon! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Well Done, My Child.....Enter In"

Heaven Minded
by Aaron Johnson
written for and inspired by our dear sister in Christ,
Karen Richardson, who has lost her battle to cancer,
but has great victory over death!

Heaven's wonders seem so far away,
Living life on earth from day to day;
Chasing dreams of carnal goals and gain...
Love the comfort, but avoid the pain.

But You desire our lives to show,
That You alone are our true home;
You don't want us living for the fog
When Your sunlight's to come!

O God, please make us heaven minded
So our yearning is set on You.
More than any earthly pleasure,
May our soul's treasure be true.

When I think Your glory I will see...
Dwell on all Your fearsome majesty;
Ponder kneeling at Your holy throne,
Marvels beyond all I've ever known.

Your kind intention has brought us close,
Your perfect love casts out our fear;
You have given life so we might live
Knowing Your reign is near!

O God, please make us heaven minded,
Kingdom glories the prize to win,
Longing for that day when You'll say,
"Well done, My child, enter in."

"Enter in, My blood has paid the price for you!
Enter in, My boundless grace has brought you through!
Well done, My child, enter in."

Karen, you will be sorely missed by so many who love you, but we also are able to greatly rejoice knowing what marvelous wonders you are experiencing right now..... Indeed we know that the Lord has said to you...."Well done, My child! My good and faithful servant, enter in!" I can only hope and pray to be a good and faithful servant in half as many ways as you were....only by the grace of God.....