Tuesday, April 9, 2013

December 2012

December in Pictures

Had a day warm enough to go to the park! ...Sisterly love...

Aaron cutting down our first, fresh cut, Kansas Christmas tree!

He was quite proud! (And so was I ;))

Linnea got to help hang ornaments for the first time! She loved it!

She also took her first photo of mommy and daddy...haha!

Can you tell where Linnea hung her ornaments...apparently she likes clusters ;)

7 months pregnant!

Helping with Christmas baking!

Umm, it looked smaller on the farm. :P Took up half the living room when we put it up. Hehe...so worth it, though!

Our new favorite breakfast here in the Johnson household: gluten free waffles with whipped cream and homemade strawberry puree. Yum!

A definite highlight of the month: "Auntie" Lisa came for a quick visit! 

Our first snow storm! The snow stuck to everything!

Our little marshmallow. 

Got one more stocking done this year. Maybe by this Christmas I'll have the other three done (Aaron's, mine and Silas')

Opened their purses on Christmas Eve.

Pretty sure we could have gotten Natalie only one thing: the soft puppy at the top of her stocking. She cared about nothing else after that. :)

My mom was the queen of putting underwear in our stocking. I learned from her...hehe.

Gotta snap a pic of myself once in awhile. ;)

Watching the snow fall.

Sick with the stomach flu, poor thing.

Broke out in hives at the same time, but no stomach flu! Weird timing, and no idea what caused them!

Our family of four!

Our precious gifts from the Lord. We love them so!