Tuesday, April 9, 2013


January in Pictures

Went to Fritz's for the first time and we all loved watching the trains and having one deliver our food to us!

Didn't realize their ice cream bowls were so big! Natalie didn't mind. ;)

Was selfish and sewed myself a nursing cover! :P

 Went to a freezer meal workshop by a Wildtree rep at our church and loved it! Still benefiting from the meals, and am going to another workshop this month!

 36 weeks pregnant and feeling 40 at the time! :)

Natalie being Natalie. :)

 Natalie being like her big sister and coloring while laying on the floor, but her sister never did it in the bathroom...hmmm...gross.

There are a lot less pics than in December because this Momma was getting extremely warn out from pregnancy! It's amazing to look back and see that God indeed brought me through and gave me all the grace I needed to endure. SO thankful to be on the other side now, though! :)