Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March: Part 2

The Middle of March in Pictures

On March 18th (just about 1 year after being in the same hospital with Natalie!), I took Silas into the hospital after being sick for 3 days, not eating well, and having a high fever. He tested positive for RSV.

His carriage up to our room. :)

Got lots of cuddle time with our poor boy!

He was on Oxygen for just under 48hrs.

Daddy brought the girls for a visit and they were quite intrigued! Silas was starting to improve about this time as well.

Getting better!

Lots of wires and monitors!

Praisin' the Lord in his sleep! :) Haha.

Getting ready to go home! No more oxygen...

...and no more IV! All the stickers and tape left irritated red skin, but thankfully that went away within a couple of days. Their was still a patch of glue stuck to a chunk of his hair that I couldn't get out, so he had his first haircut at 5 weeks old! :P

Aaron gave him his moose "for comfort". :)

Happy to be home with my children!

...aaand then we all got the stomach flu a couple days later. :( Everyone but Silas and Natalie that is. Poor Natalie didn't know what to do with herself. She just stared at us.

And did what the rest of us were doing...haha (lying on the ground).

The 3rd storm of the season hit us while we were sick.

But thankfully the stomach bug is a quick one, so we were all ready to go out in it the next day (which was Sunday, but church was cancelled, which was different for us!)

The girls wanted to ride their bikes. You gotta do what yah gotta do when you don't live in CA anymore! :)