Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March: Part 1

The Beginning of March in Pictures

I have lots of pictures of Linnea holding Silas. :) She insists on kissing and hugging him before he goes down for every nap, and after each kiss, she says in a cute high pitched tone, "Love you, Silas"...it's precious!

Natalie decided he needed his hair brushed.


I found him like this, with the car on him. After being asked, Linnea told me, "he wants to play with it, Mommy." :)


A series of facial expressions in the span of 10 seconds:

My little cutie in the bath!

9 lb. 4oz. at his 1 month check up!

She likes to hold him once in a while. ;)

1 month old!

Happy boy!

Caught her giving kisses to her baby...adorable...

Daddy got HUGE boots for hunting season!

My first time going to the park with all 3. Silas slept most of the time, so it wasn't much different. ;)

She gets the biggest smiles before going down the slide, but its hard to catch them on camera when I'm the one helping her down. :P

The park wore her out!! She had never fallen asleep in her high chair before!