Tuesday, April 9, 2013


February in Pictures

I was thrown 2 SURPRISE showers! The ladies in my church blessed my socks off...I had no idea! :) One shower was with the elder's wives (no pics of that one), and the other was thrown by the seminary wives. Like I said, I feel so blessed by the wonderful ladies in my life!

 "Sissy" pushing Natalie in the laundry basket. Yeah, she enjoyed it. :)

 Linnea is starting to really enjoy drawing and has so far learned how to draw faces, stick figures and hearts (with a little help). :)

 Natalie rarely gets to take a bath by herself, and the one time she does she just sits there holding onto all the toys...and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. Haha!

Grandma arrived! The weather was nice enough to go to the park!

 Our last night as a family of four. :)

 Getting ready to be induced. This is the only picture I have of myself and the whole labor and delivery process, as all the other ones are on my husband's phone and I don't have them on my computer yet.

 Holding Silas for the first time. :)

 One happy Grandma!

 It was love at first sight...

His first photo shoot. ;) I will do a separate post with the precious pictures from this session. 

 Going home!

 Linnea LOVES holding her brother (usually only for a minute each day, and then she is done. :P)

 Natalie on the other hand likes to "hold" him for much longer. She insists on "holding" him with her hands free, though, so she can touch him all over. Haha.

 His first Sunday at church...Daddy introduced him to MRBC. :)

 What? Doesn't everybody slip with one leg up and crossed over the other? :P

 His soon to be best buddy. :) Russell and Silas had the same due date, but Russell is 3 weeks older.

 He doesn't anymore, but he used to squeak EVERY time he yawned. It was so cute. I miss it. :(


 Not happy after his first sponge bath. :(

 Apparently when life gets crazy busy, the front door becomes the shoe closet.

 Daddy is so proud of Silas taking a bottle like a champ (and he still does! Mommy gets to listen to whole sermons!! So thankful!)

My late belated Valentine's gift from my husband: flowers sent from South America!

 I didn't even know shipping flowers was even possible, but these roses were the most beautiful, longest lasting roses I have ever received. :) Love that man!

 Put him on the carpet to try and wake him up...no go.

 Beautiful boy.

 1st major snowstorm.

 Excited to go play!

 He loves productive physical activity! :)

 She loves the snow!

 No, this is not a picture of me shoveling one week after Silas was born! :P Yes...delivery went well and I felt great! 

 Cold wash cloth on the face = still sleeping?!?

 First trip to Oklahoma Joe's...raisin' him up right!

 I miss her SO much! We had such a wonderful time with my mom!

 And she loved Okey Joe's! 

 Grandma played with and read to the girls SO much. She was here 3 weeks and never stopped loving on them in this way!

 And of course she got some good snuggle time with Natalie (she is our snuggler still!).

2nd snow storm of the season kept Grandma with us a little longer. I didn't complain...

 And it was beautiful!

 Snuggling with Grandma.

A little blurry, but my favorite from the ones we took. :)

 Nap time...

 First bath in the puj!

February ended with a bang... New neighbors moved in the same day I wedged our van into the vehicle behind it in this picture. Backed out safely but turned to sharply pulling away and wedged their bumper into our wheel well, blocking the entire street off for almost 2 hours until roadside assistance came to help. Can I say oops. :/ 2nd time I've caused our insurance to go up by hitting a stationary vehicle. Oh dear.

And let us not forget my sweet husband turned the big 30 on Feb. 26! I feel TERRIBLE that I don't have any pictures of it, though. :( I love you, Aaron, even if I forgot to take pictures!! He deserves a huge party next year to make up for it! :)