Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March: Part 3

The End of March in Pictures

He started to smile and coo quite a bit! SUCH a joy! :)

Linnea was making him excited. I took this from a distance so neither of them would notice. 

Easter Day! 

My two handsome boys!

He really did look handsome! :)

 "Grandma" Ochs set a table just for the girls. She is the queen of hospitality and really making things special. The Ochs had us for Easter last year as well, and have really adopted us into their family. We are so very grateful! Next time I will have to include them in more pictures!

 Ready to go hunting in the front yard!

 The basket was bigger than her! :P

And their off!

 Was going to snap a picture of her smiling, but she spotted an egg. :)

 All 5 of us!

 Hanging out with "Aunt" Kim!

 All tuckered out after a busy day...